I’m paying a lot of attention to Botswana, for a variety of reasons. As I detail in an upcoming article for The Business Diary Botswana, their economy is one of several in sub-Saharan Africa that is primed to hold steady throughout whatever global recession may be on the horizon. A recent IMF report agrees (calling it ‘likely to become part of the second generation emerging markets), although given the regions overarching dependence on its extractive industries, it concludes that any global slowdown and subsequent contraction in demand, especially from Asia and the Gulf, could be troublesome.

Anyway, back to Botswana. There’s an interesting piece in The Voice about the Funeral Services Group (FSG), which recently raised P36 million through its listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), and is now set to “test regional markets”:

“…as the only listed funeral services in Africa and second in the world, FSG’s strength [deals] in [an] effort to understand the culture and people benefitting from the services. The introduction of new products and services such as the planned private cemetery also showed initiatives to develop into a first world-class entity. ‘The shareholding oversubscription is a good sign for the company’s sound financial management. All these achievements would not be possible without commitment from board members and the business community.’ [said Francistown-based Director of Kagiso Funeral Parlour (a subsidiary of FSG), Tersia Stellenberg]”