Dubai’s property companies will probably be the first to get support from the emirate’s $10 billion bond sale, according to Nasser Bin Hassan al-Shaikh, director general of Dubai’s Department of Finance.  U.A.E.’s central bank purchased half of a $20 billion note issued by Dubai to provide the emirate with funds needed to meet its financial obligations.  That said, analysts are skeptical whether the cash injection will be anywhere near adequate in light of the fundamental problems of the real-estate and banking sectors.  In fact, Dubai rents are expected to fall as much as 40% in high-end areas this year, said one commentator.  Per Bloomberg, Dubai’s property industry is slowing after a five-year boom as banks cut back on mortgage loans and speculators leave. Real- estate prices have fallen 25% in Dubai from September’s peak and 20% in Abu Dhabi.  As such, many property companies are looking to sell stakes in “non-core” units in order to raise cash as the property market slows.