Kudos to Emergent Asset Management, a London-based hedge fund, which returned 75.9% to investors in 2008 through its debt fund, against a 10% fall in J.P. Morgan’s index of developing-market bonds. Moreover, the group returned 9% through its equity-based Ballistic fund in the face of a 55% slump in the value of the MSCI index tracking emerging-markets shares. About 130 emerging-markets hedge funds went out of business in 2008, according to data providers Eurekahedge–approximately 28% of the 460 hedge funds that closed overall.

The firm also recently announced that a new subfund to its successful African Agricultural Land Fund will launch this month. Per the group’s site, the Fund brings together the key themes of agriculture/food security, Africa, socially-responsible investing (SRI) and economic sustainability, purchasing and managing a wide spectrum of agricultural properties across the sub-Saharan region, with investments diversified across both geographically and across agricultural sectors – including crops, biofuels, livestock, game farming and timber. Returns, based on those successfully acheived through a 4-year pilot project, are projected to be in excess of 25% per annum, for the Fund’s 5-year term.