Interesting comments from Franklin Templeton fund manager Mark Mobius, a guru and pioneer in emerging and frontier markets, and whose blog I make it a point to always keep up to date with.  The nice thing about Mr. Mobius is that he’s always on the move– a true globetrotter–the importance of which he links to the need in frontier investing in particular to spend “additional time and due diligence to assess the quality of the management team including more frequent on site visits to evaluate the business effectively.”  To me, Mobius sees himself as an explorer almost as much as he does a traditional fund manager.  He’s taken to blogging and even to Twitter much like Lewis and Clark took to their journals.  To that extent, such mediums can be seen as a snapshot in time of an attempt to discern and envision the future–the underlying essence of money management.  He relates, for instance, the following forward written by the late Sir John Templeton:

“People don’t think about problems in the context of history. They think that today’s worries will always be there and that existing conditions can’t change.  I encourage people to try to foresee the future by considering the dramatic changes we have seen already. Emerging market investing as a frontier sport has made way for international investing, the search for bargains.”